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Skin Applications

  • Skin resurfacing, lifting, age spot and acne scars, volume correction

  • Increasing skin elasticity and correction of skin sagging by improving collagen synthesis

  • Removal of scars and burn marks

  • Cell regeneration

Hair Applications

  • Hair loss treatment by promoting vascularization around hair follicles

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Orthopedics & Sports Medicine 

Stopping inflammation, reducing pain and helping the regeneration of bones, cartilage and muscle tissue. Relieving pain, reducing drug use and reducing the need for surgical intervention in the following conditions:

  • Healing and stimulation of soft and hard tissues (including bone)

  • Increasing bone mineralization, increasing bone density, increasing osteocondixion

  • Tendon treatment, acrylation and infiltration treatment

  • Strengthening of connective tissues and ligaments

  • Acute tendon injuries, ligament and muscle injuries, accelerate healing in arthritis, fractures and surgeries

  • Treatment of arthralgia

  • Treatment of subacute and chronic sports injuries such as Jumper’s knee and Rotator cuff

  • Treatment of chronic tendinopathies 

  • Treatment of nerve injuries

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Dental Applications

Providing rapid tissue healing and low risk of inflammation in the following cases


  • Dental implant treatments

  • Sinus lifting

  • Oral surgery

  • Gingival treatments

  • Reconstructive jawbone operations

  • Periodontal operations


  • Corneal ulcer treatment

  • Dry eye treatment

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Wound Management

  • Treatment of leg ulcers

  • Treatment of diabetic ulcers

  • Treatment of pressure ulcers

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  • Treatment of erectile dysfunction

  • Treatment of lower urinary tract disorders such as interstitial cystitis

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  • Wound and tissue healing that occurs during birth

  • Wound treatment after gynecological surgery

  • Tissue healing in the treatment of cervical ectopia

  • Treatment of Vulvar Dystrophies (Lichen sclerosis, etc.)

  • Treatment of urogenital disease

  • Vaginal tissue regeneration

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